Returns a brief overview of all learning content that has been created in the LMS.


Get all content:

Returns all content within the LMS tenancy.
Request Method GET
Request URL {{base_url}}/local/acorn_tenancymanagement/index.php/api/1/tenancies/{{tenancy_id}}/content
Authorisation Header Bearer {api_key}


Query String Parameters:

Parameter Data Type Details
requestid integer optional, if included the endpoint will return the status and results of the request with the specified requestid. If not included a new request will be submitted and its requestid will be returned
contentId integer optional, if included the endpoint will only return results with the specified contentid.
contentType string

optional, filter the results by contenttype

Available Values:

  • course
  • live learning
  • resource
  • video



Example Response without requestId included:

"requestid": 161,
"status": "Processing"

Example Response with requestId included:

"requestid": 161,
"status": "Processing"
"requestid": 161,
"status": "Complete",
"data": [
"fullname": "Fraud Awareness",
"contentid": "21",
"contenttype": "Course",
"summary": "This program assists all staff in meeting their responsibility to minimize the potential for fraud.More information is available here.",
"totalenrolments": 7,
"totalcompletions": 3,
"status": "Active",
"cost": 500,
"duration": null,
"programs": [
"Onboarding Journey",
"Program 2"
"category": null,
"tags": [
"Agency Staff"
"customfields": [],
"timecreated": "2019-01-06T16:14:41+00:00",
"timemodified": "2019-09-09T13:47:16+00:00"
"fullname": "Safety Workshop",
"contentid": "56",
"contenttype": "Live Learning",
"summary": "Learn the basics of safety in the workplace.",
"totalenrolments": "N/A",
"totalcompletions": 3,
"status": "Hidden",
"cost": 0,
"duration": "5h 2m 3s",
"programs": [],
"category": "Core Learning",
"tags": [],
"customfields": [
"name": "Catering",
"data": "Tea & Coffee"
"name": "Legislation",
"data": "OH&S Act"
"timecreated": "2020-07-21T11:05:08+00:00",
"timemodified": "2020-07-21T11:05:08+00:00"

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