0.79 - 3/5/2020 0.79 - 3/5/2020

0.79 - 3/5/2020

Josh Lavulo-Hodges Josh Lavulo-Hodges
  • AR-785 - Added navigation breadcrumbs to quiz, assignment and forum activities
  • AR-781 - Prevent users registering in sessions from calendar if they do not meet the prerequisites
  • AR-780 - Made content prerequisites and deactive setting visible to admins and facilitators
  • AR-778 - Enrolments and updates are now prevented in deactivated courses and live learnings
  • AR-777 - Added assignment activity advanced grading method settings
  • AR-776 - Added ability to generate links directly to resource activities in courses
  • AR-774 - Adjusted session deletion and cancellation options to prevent any attendance data being deleted accidentally
  • AR-759 - Live learning session calendar attachments now contain the event description, session details and session url in the description
  • AR-746 - Created at time is now transferred to new versions of courses for due date calculation accuracy
  • AR-689 - Fixed issue where quiz activity questions could be edited by admins in a tenancy receiving a shared course

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