0.72 - 28/3/2020 0.72 - 28/3/2020

0.72 - 28/3/2020

Josh Lavulo-Hodges Josh Lavulo-Hodges
  • AR-662 - Course facilitators and admins can now enrol users directly from a course's editing menu
  • AR-639 - Fixed assignment activity grading table not loading on Internet Explorer
  • AR-606 - Allow supervisors to add/remove users to designated cohorts
  • AR-605 - Allow users to be suspended using a "terminated" column in the manual bulk user upload
  • AR-567 - Allow the email registrants email to be scheduled for sending in the future
  • AR-551 - Fixed issues with reporting officer data in the reporting dashboard and user report
  • AR-544 - Added option to send email to new users when doing a manual bulk user upload
  • AR-538 - Pages feature that allows admins to create links to custom HTML enabled content
  • AR-532 - On leave feature allowing users in a designated cohort to be exempt from workflow emails and compliance reporting
  • AR-505 - Supervisors can now enrol their users in courses
  • AR-500 - Course versioning feature allowing an existing course to be easily replaced by a new one

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