0.74 - 10/4/2020 0.74 - 10/4/2020

0.74 - 10/4/2020

Josh Lavulo-Hodges Josh Lavulo-Hodges
  • AR-691 - Fixed issue creating direct resource link when resource had lengthy name
  • AR-688 - Fixed error generating course progress report when course had more than 60 activities
  • AR-672 - Changed "terminated" column to "suspended" column in bulk user upload
  • AR-661 - Note field now displays by default field in attendance report
  • AR-652 - Page refresh is no longer required to see when report generation completes
  • AR-641 - Convert all feature parameters to JSON
  • AR-633 - Added session venue to event attendance export
  • AR-554 - Site and catalogue searches now return results based on name, tag, category and program
  • AR-524 - Added minimum session capacity feature to notify facilitators if a session doesn't reach a certain number of registrations
  • AR-349 - Added custom session fields to attendance report
  • AR-340 - Existing venue can now be selected when creating a new session
  • AR-97 - Face to Face email templates can now be edited at tenancy and event level

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