0.83 - 25/5/2020 0.83 - 25/5/2020

0.83 - 25/5/2020

Josh Lavulo-Hodges Josh Lavulo-Hodges
  • AR-862 - Allow all users to create new discussions within Forum activity
  • AR-857 - Fixed issue where session link would not appear in register of interest emails
  • AR-856 - Fixed issue where the listed number of enrolled users would not go higher than 50
  • AR-846 - My Attendance is now ordered from newest to oldest attendance record
  • AR-832 - Bulk user upload will no longer create accounts listed as suspended/terminated
  • AR-830 - Fixed issue where session links would not always open the session modal
  • AR-793 - Improved feedback report styling
  • AR-783 - Videos and resources can now be deactivated
  • AR-782 - Existing venue can now be selected when updating a session
  • AR-772 - The completion information in the update course completions interface is now exportable

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