0.84 - 2/6/2020 0.84 - 2/6/2020

0.84 - 2/6/2020

Josh Lavulo-Hodges Josh Lavulo-Hodges
  • AR-852 - Improved performance when retrieving potential courses or live learnings for a sub-course activity
  • AR-891 - Removed the additional tab when opening an xAPI activity
  • AR-884 - Courses and Live Learnings no longer open in a new tab when accessed from a program
  • AR-872 - Fixed issue where images in a label activity would not appear for un-enrolled users
  • AR-816 - Live learning permissions can now be adjusted for a tenancy upon request
  • AR-775 - Added scale grading option to assignment activity
  • AR-766 - Fixed issue where external session facilitators could no longer be edited once deactivated
  • AR-705 - Added a content creator role to allow designated users without admin access to create and manage their own courses and live learnings
  • AR-690 - HTML editor loading improvements

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