0.91 - 13/9/2020 0.91 - 13/9/2020

0.91 - 13/9/2020

Josh Lavulo-Hodges Josh Lavulo-Hodges
  • AR-1226 - User accounts can now have a seperate identifier than email address
  • AR-1220 - Program completion percentage calculation will now take restricted program stages into consideration
  • AR-1219 - Added ability for admins to un-enforce program stage order
  • AR-1214 - Acorn admins can now run reports across all tenancies or a specifically selected tenancy
  • AR-1204 - Fixed an issue in the User Report where the External Learning tab would show results for the user running the report
  • AR-1200 - Program stages can now be restricted to cohorts
  • AR-1150 - Added additional user instructions to Capability Library pop-up text
  • AR-1055 - Added ability to export sessions to CSV via the calendar
  • AR-1054 - Fixed an issue where the view Register of Interest button would disappear when registered for a session
  • AR-985 - The assign reporting officers interface is now searchable and exportable
  • AR-850 - Facilitators can now properly access session registration form data. Registration form data is now properly non-anonymous
  • AR-764 - Added validation to the phone number field in external session facilitator create & update forms
  • AR-754 - Fixed an issue where changing a session ical description did not trigger a new ical file to be included in the Session Changed email
  • AR-698 - Acorn admins can now configure course sharing pathways between tenancies
  • AR-568 - Acorn Admins are now able to create an open Live Learning

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