0.92 - 28/9/2020 0.92 - 28/9/2020

0.92 - 28/9/2020

Josh Lavulo-Hodges Josh Lavulo-Hodges
  • AR-1255 - Added Bambora payment method integration - Requires Payments feature
  • AR-1248 - Added Exportable PDF transcript to the Training History page and User Report
  • AR-1243 - Added Live Learning integrations which allows sessions created in the LMS to automatically schedule events in external virtual classroom / webinar software systems - Requires Live Learning integration feature
  • AR-1240 - Administrators and Facilitators can now see SCORM attempts in more detail
  • AR-1239 - Added option to automatically reduce session capacity when withdrawing users from a full session
  • AR-1223 - Added Live Learning name as an optional placeholder when editing Live Learning email templates
  • AR-1198 - Added Adobe Connect as Live Learning integration - Requires Live Learning integration feature
  • AR-1169 - Cancelled Live Learnings sessions with registrants can now be deleted
  • AR-1165 - Added option to provide a support link to users rather than a support email
  • AR-1071 - Improved performance when marking session attendance for a large number of registrants
  • AR-911 - It's now possible to remove a session attendance record that was recorded in error

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