0.85 - 10/6/2020 0.85 - 10/6/2020

0.85 - 10/6/2020

Josh Lavulo-Hodges Josh Lavulo-Hodges
  • AR-742 - Added supervisor dashboard with customisable reports
  • AR-932 - Live Learning session ordering is now more intuitive
  • AR-923 - Improved usability of HTML editor
  • AR-922 - User Report graph now shows user logins instead of active vs suspended users
  • AR-914 - Facilitators can now only apply session registration forms from existing templates
  • AR-904 - Fixed an issue where the source html for a program description could not be edited
  • AR-873 - Fixed issue where reordering of programs would not save correctly
  • AR-851 - Tenancy Admin permissions can now be adjusted for a tenancy upon request
  • AR-825 - Session registration form responses are now visible to admins and facilitators
  • AR-790 - Content active/hidden status is now shown in the completion report
  • AR-595 - Course grading feature now includes a section on the My Training History page for users to see their own course and activity grades

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