0.89 - 16/8/2020 0.89 - 16/8/2020

0.89 - 16/8/2020

Josh Lavulo-Hodges Josh Lavulo-Hodges
  • AR-1046 - Enrolment date is now included in the Course Completions interface accessible to Admins and Facilitators
  • AR-1036 - Certificates with custom designs can now be created and assigned to Courses and Live Learnings
  • AR-939 - Activity completion comments are now included in the Course Completions interface export
  • AR-927 - Implemented a new design for the Catalogue including an additional duration field for all content types
  • AR-847 - Fixed a styling issue in Programs where text would begin to overlap when 5+ stages were added
  • AR-678 - Outstanding Live Learning session Approval/Withdrawal workflows can now be viewed and actioned directly from the Supervisor Dashboard
  • AR-588 - Timezone differences will now be automatically calculated when creating a Live Learning session in a different timezone to your own

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