0.87 - 12/7/2020 0.87 - 12/7/2020

0.87 - 12/7/2020

Josh Lavulo-Hodges Josh Lavulo-Hodges
  • AR-1016 - Fixed issue creating a payment method on the latest version of Stripe
  • AR-1003 - Fixed issue with sharable video and resource links
  • AR-989 - Added NAB payment method option
  • AR-961 - Venue and session facilitator lists are now alphabetical
  • AR-958 - Calendar day view now extends until 10pm
  • AR-948 - Added "Adaptive mode no penalties" setting to quiz activities
  • AR-946 - Fixed issue where Single Sign On logins were not properly unsuspending the account
  • AR-853 - Users can now see hidden and deactivated courses/live learnings in the catalogue when they are assigned as a facilitator
  • AR-681 - Add completion indication to video/resource view modals
  • AR-582 - Improved usability of xAPI activity

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