0.86 - 17/6/2020 0.86 - 17/6/2020

0.86 - 17/6/2020

Josh Lavulo-Hodges Josh Lavulo-Hodges
  • AR-940 - The Videos and Resources tabs are now hidden in the catalogue when none are available
  • AR-957 - The bulk user upload now accepts TSV files
  • AR-956 - External learning forms can now include file upload fields
  • AR-947 - Fixed issue submitting forms when a dependant item is also mandatory
  • AR-936 - Added ability for users with access to multiple tenancies to swap between them
  • AR-967 - Fixed issue where the HTML editor would crash when loaded on a slow connection
  • AR-906 - Failed activities will now show as failed in reports where activity completion records are visible
  • AR-898 - User Report now hides suspended users by default
  • AR-888 - Admins no longer have access to the supervisor dashboard
  • AR-834 - Messaging usability improvements and optional email alerts about unread messages

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