0.90 - 30/8/2020 0.90 - 30/8/2020

0.90 - 30/8/2020

Josh Lavulo-Hodges Josh Lavulo-Hodges
  • AR-1041 - Admins can now configure widgets to customise the homepage for users in their tenancy
  • AR-926 - Added new Payment Report
  • AR-1112 - Added referral breadcrumbs when clicking Programs, Subcourse and Supervisor Dashboard links
  • AR-929 - Improved the performance of the course view page when in editing mode
  • AR-1102 - Included a Suspended column in the Browse and Update Users CSV export
  • AR-1130 - Added missing show description toggle to assignment activity
  • AR-1028 - Admins can now manually remove lockouts for users that have entered the wrong password too many times
  • AR-1056 - Added CPD points to the completions export in My Training History and the User Report
  • AR-976 - Improved the visibility of failed activities in progress/completion reports
  • AR-909 - Acorn Admins can now delete tenancies that have no courses or users
  • AR-938 - Fixed issue with Live Learning Attendance Report date filters in Internet Explorer
  • AR-1141 - Fixed an issue with the Compliance Report when a Course and Live Learning with the same ID were included

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