0.94 - 26/10/2020 0.94 - 26/10/2020

0.94 - 26/10/2020

Josh Lavulo-Hodges Josh Lavulo-Hodges
  • AR-1485 - Fixed an issue where some log events were stored in the wrong timezone
  • AR-1470 - Users can now see their enrolment, started and completed time when viewing a Course or Live Learning
  • AR-1412 - The tag filter in the catalogue now requires content to match ALL selected tags instead of ANY
  • AR-1406 - When a hidden session with capacity is un-hidden, the Register of Interest will be notified
  • AR-1394 - Added Session Type and Cost columns to the calendar export
  • AR-1391 - Fixed an issue where reports run on empty cohorts would not generate
  • AR-1364 - The reporting officer role can now be assigned in multiple tenancies
  • AR-1360 - An alternate supervisor can now be selected when registering for a Live Learning session with an Approval or Withdrawal workflow applied - Requires Alternate Supervisor feature
  • AR-1351 - Added Partnered Content integration with Percipio
  • AR-1276 - Content in program stages is now ordered alphabetically
  • AR-1237 - Added additional Subcourse completion criteria which requires the Subcourse to be completed after the enrolment date of the parent course
  • AR-1124 - Improved the usability of the help popup within catalogue tiles
  • AR-1091 - Deactivated Live Learnings are now visible in My Attendance
  • AR-1030 - Added Westpac payment method integration - Requires Payment feature
  • AR-901 - Activity reordering can now be done on smaller screen sizes
  • AR-714 - Added help text to stats within the Reporting Dashboard
  • AR-683 - Session facilitators will now be notified when a Live Learning session is cancelled
  • AR-1542 - Improved Live Learning session status descriptions

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