0.95 - 9/11/2020 0.95 - 9/11/2020

0.95 - 9/11/2020

Josh Lavulo-Hodges Josh Lavulo-Hodges
  • AR-486 - Allow admins to close sessions, preventing further registrations
  • AR-462 - Workflows can now be restricted to Cohorts
  • AR-715 - Added additional compliance statuses to the Compliance Report
  • AR-843 - Added an option to assign all users to a cohort
  • AR-865 - Manager details are no longer required in the bulk user upload
  • AR-943 - Added Category and Tags to various reports
  • AR-1349 - Improved accessibility of catalogue tile
  • AR-1484 - Add option to price to not charge GST - Requires Payment feature
  • AR-1486 - Include GST in all payment receipts - Requires Payment feature
  • AR-1489 - Admins can now add and remove users from a Live Learning Register of Interest
  • AR-1504 - Made calendar more responsive
  • AR-1199 - Live Learning can now be shared between tenancies
  • AR-1493 - Percipio Completions can now be reported on
  • AR-1502 - Added an option that allows Live Learning/Session facilitators to action session workflows - Requires Alternate Supervisor feature
  • AR-1495 - Added Tenancy Details API endpoint
  • AR-1482 - Tenancy support contact will now receive an email when a self registration requires approval - Requires Self Registration feature
  • AR-1451 - Improved the ordering of activites in the Course & Live Learning completion interfaces
  • AR-1566 - Improved the usability of the course re-enrolment prompt
  • AR-1595 - Removed the ability to select an alternate supervisor for Live Learning sessions using the Withdrawal workflow - Requires Alternate Supervisor feature
  • AR-1591 - Added the time content was created and last modified to the external catalogue API
  • AR-1619 - Fixed an issue selecting hidden courses in the Course Progress Report
  • AR-1606 - Fixed an issue that prevented some scheduled reports from being generated
  • AR-1603 - Fixed an issue where tags in another tenancy could be assigned by Acorn Admins when creating content
  • AR-1593 - Fixed an issue where Course and Live Learning facilitators were unable to report on completions
  • AR-1547 - Fixed an issue where foreign characters in a course description would cause loading issues in the catalogue
  • AR-1519 - Fixed an issue where enrolment date was incorrectly displayed in a user's Training History Summary for Live Learning, Video and Resource completions
  • AR-1458 - Remove iCal Description from Unnecessary Session Emails
  • AR-1403 - Fixed a display issue with un-earned badges on the Training History page

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