0.103 - 15/03/2021 0.103 - 15/03/2021

0.103 - 15/03/2021

Josh Lavulo-Hodges Josh Lavulo-Hodges
  • AR-1956 - Improved the display of the CPD information Export - Requires CPD feature
  • AR-1982 - Program Compliance Report now shows completion status of Videos, Resources, and Partnered Content
  • AR-1944 - Fixed a visual bug with the image slider on IE 8
  • AR-1942 - Added optional Captcha to self-registration form
  • AR-1933 - Remove Hidden and Deactivated content from Capability Plan - Requires capability feature
  • AR-1930 - Updated Live Learning view to include Completion Progress percentage, applied Tags and Categories, and other information
  • AR-1928 - Added an export to the Form Responses Report
  • AR-1919 - Allow admin to re-attend user by adding them to the register of interest
  • AR-1905 - Added password help text to self registration page
  • AR-1834 - Added option to view receipt for purchased content in Training History

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