0.104 - 29/03/2021 0.104 - 29/03/2021

0.104 - 29/03/2021

Josh Lavulo-Hodges Josh Lavulo-Hodges
  • AR-2033 - Added a wiki activity
  • AR-1932 - Content tags can now be toggled as hidden, preventing users from viewing or searching for the tag
  • AR-1815 - Added print button to Active Development Plan - Requires Capability feature
  • AR-2021 - Sessions can no longer be deleted if the attendance has already been taken
  • AR-2002 - Admins can now assign cohorts as Capability Assessors - Requires Capability Assessment feature
  • AR-1953 - Admins can now view a user's profile from the self-registration approval page - Requires Self-Registration feature
  • AR-1929 - Admins can now see the activiy completion comment in the popup hover
  • AR-1882 - Include a CPD section in the training history export, that shows the number of points that were earned in each year - Requires CPD feature
  • AR-1740 - Widgets layouts can now be duplicated
  • AR-1469 - Added the Tenancy Name to reports run by Acorn Admins
  • AR-1455 - Added an option when marking users as Partially Attended or Did Not Attend in a session to move the users to the register of interest
  • AR-2023 - Resolved an issue when deleting tags during the course creation process

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