1.0 - 22/04/2021 1.0 - 22/04/2021

1.0 - 22/04/2021

Josh Lavulo-Hodges Josh Lavulo-Hodges
  • AR-2046 - Supervisor Widget Dashboard
  • AR-799 - Admins can now impersonate user accounts
  • AR-1931 - Admins can now download SCORM packages from the update SCORM activity interface
  • AR-1911 - The content selector in reporting now shows if the content is hidden or deactivated
  • AR-1936 - When users attempt to register for a session in a Live Learning they have already completed, they will be prompted to re-attend the Live Learning
  • AR-2024 - Improved the content picker when adding Partnered Content as a subcourse activity - Requires Partnered Content Integration feature
  • AR-2026 - Added comments to the Wiki activity
  • AR-2036 - The tenancy selector for Acorn Admins is now ordered alphabetically
  • AR-2043 - Acorn Admins can now create or update Widget Layouts for other tenancies
  • AR-2053 - Added an Activity Bank, that allows admins to re-use the same activities in more that one course, sharing completions and updates between them

Bug Fixes

  • AR-1991 - Adding a supervisor filter to a Report will now correctly show each supervisor a single time
  • AR-2157 - Reporting selector- hidden label showing for non hidden content
  • AR-2144 - Fixed an issue where compliance reports would error if there was an On Leave cohort with no users
  • AR-2135 - Fixed an issue where the filters in the My Enrolments table could be reset by opening a receipt
  • AR-2131 - Added missing custom user fields to the view user modal within the Self Registration page
  • AR-2123 - Fixed an error that prevented the External Learning form from opening for some CPD users
  • AR-2120 - Fixed an issue that caused the page to crash when creating a tenancy swap before loading was complete
  • AR-2117 - Fixed a error that prevented the Feedback Report from finishing
  • AR-2113 - Corrected an error when loading the Training History PDF for some CPD users
  • AR-2105 - Adjusted the draggable area of the Stats Widget
  • AR-2104 - Added pagination to Account Merge interface to improve performance
  • AR-2100 - Updated label of copy widget layout modal
  • AR-1087 - Checklist Activities are now included in the course migration process

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