1.0.4 - 05/08/2021 1.0.4 - 05/08/2021

1.0.4 - 05/08/2021

Josh Lavulo-Hodges Josh Lavulo-Hodges
  • AR-2270 - Added an option for new users to choose their tenancy during self registration
  • AR-2269 - Added self registration email whitelist
  • AR-2265 - Password reset link expiry periods can now be customised upon request
  • AR-2256 - Added additional user notifications for Live Learning registrations and Course enrolments
  • AR-2222 - Custom user fields can now be used in certificate templates
  • AR-2180 - Live Learning sessions can now be restricted to cohorts
  • AR-498 - Added a not equals operator to cohort field conditions
  • AR-2260 - Added additional information to the Training History API endpoint
  • AR-2233 - Content creator permissions can now be adjusted for a tenancy upon request
  • AR-2291 - Reporting content selectors now indicate when content is deactivated
  • AR-2307 - Added optional username parameter to external content APIs
  • AR-2345 - Updated forum comments to allow more detailed formatting

Bug Fixes

  • AR-2289 - Fixed an issue where the re-enrol prompt wouldn't appear for activities with a previous course completion prerequisite
  • AR-2294 - The supervisor dashboard now correctly ignores suspended users in its reports
  • AR-2327 - Fixed an issue exporting the list of reporting officers

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