1.0.6 - 28/09/2021 1.0.6 - 28/09/2021

1.0.6 - 28/09/2021

Josh Lavulo-Hodges Josh Lavulo-Hodges
  • AR-2379 - Go1 content can now be added to the Acorn Catalogue - Requires Partnered Content feature
  • AR-2371 - Emoji's can now be included in the HTML editor
  • AR-2107 - Added a new widget that shows a user all upcoming sessions they are registered for
  • AR-2422 - Users can now 'Like' Comments in Forums and Wiki activities
  • AR-2331 - Username is now included in the Mark Attendance table along with Email Address
  • AR-2368 - Account Merge table now includes the time of the request and the time that the merge was actioned
  • AR-2252 - Admins can now send custom emails to an event's Expression of Interest
  • AR-960 - Messages can now be sent to groups of users - Requires Messaging Feature
  • AR-2352 - Added a backend user setting that prevents emails from being sent to the user
  • AR-2360 - Wiki pages can now be deleted
  • AR-2408 - Momentum email templates can include Constants - Requires Momentum
  • AR-2392 - Added an option on Feedback activities to send an email requesting feedback to users one day after they complete the Course
  • AR-2403 - Added a new report that shows all Capability Assessment Results
  • AR-2440 - Added contains operator in cohort field conditions
  • AR-2395 - Added a Linked Accounts feature which allows users to quickly swap between their accounts - Requires Linked Accounts Feature

Bug Fixes

  • AR-2098 - Added a tenancy selector for Acorn Admins to the Content Sharing page
  • AR-2149 - Fixed filters and access for the Compliance Area Report
  • AR-2340 - Session Internal Facilitators can now view sessions that are restricted to cohorts
  • AR-2364 - Course Logs can now be viewed by all admins, and include a wider array of events
  • AR-2364 - The Compliance Report now respects the Show Suspended User option
  • AR-2396 - Copied Sessions now include any Cohort restriction setting

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