1.0.1 - 09/05/2021 1.0.1 - 09/05/2021

1.0.1 - 09/05/2021

Josh Lavulo-Hodges Josh Lavulo-Hodges
  • AR-2005 - Admins can now restrict access to courses to specific cohorts
  • AR-2004 - Admins can now add start and end dates to a course, preventing access to it outside of those times
  • AR-2108 - Allow any facilitator to create private live learning integrations. Admins are still able to create public live learning integrations that can be used by other users - Requires Live Learning Integration feature
  • AR-2093 - Allow session and live learning facilitators to join live learning integration sessions without being registered for the session - Requires Live Learning Integration feature
  • AR-2132 - Added the ability to duplicate feedback form questions
  • AR-2133 - Added archived completions to the course status popup
  • AR-2124 - Allow admins to set a cohort as a payment whitelist - Requires Payment feature
  • AR-2125 - Added an option to payments to bypass payment whitelist - Requires Payment feature
  • AR-2111 - Added a print button to the payment receipt modal in the training history
  • AR-1975 - Added a new ranking type feedback question, which requires users to reorder a list of items in an order of their preference
  • AR-1975 - Included a new live learning integration type for GoToWebinar - Requires Live Learning Integration feature
  • AR-1697 - LinkedIn Learning content can now be included in the catalogue - Requires Partnered Content feature
  • AR-1701 - Completions from LinkedIn Learning content can now be recorded in a users training history - Requires Partnered Content feature
  • AR-900 - Extended the description editor for resources and videos to include the full html editor

Bug Fixes

  • AR-2137 - Improved the load speed of the account merge approval page
  • AR-2114 - Corrected a bug where users who move tenancies would experience CPD reporting issues - Requires CPD feature
  • AR-2075 - Added a file size limit to custom emails sent by courses and sessions
  • AR-2203 - Fixed an issue where deleted cohorts used in cohort restrictions caused errors when editing content
  • AR-2189 - Fixed an issue where users who have never accessed were shown in the User Report pie graph
  • AR-2188 - Fixed an issue where Live Learning activities were being incorrectly added to the Activity Bank
  • AR-2157 - Fixed an issue where content hidden in different tenancies was showing as hidden when selecting content for a report

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