1.0.8 - 21/12/2021 1.0.8 - 21/12/2021

1.0.8 - 21/12/2021

Josh Lavulo-Hodges Josh Lavulo-Hodges
  • AR-2524 - Added a new External Calendar API endpoint
  • AR-2512 - Added Duration and Cost fields to the External Course and External Catalogue API endpoints
  • AR-2489 - Users will now receive a notification email if their account gets locked out from logging in
  • AR-2466 - Improved the loading time and searchability of the manage self registrations interface
  • AR-2463 - The Link, Slider and Image widgets can now contain Mailto links
  • AR-2455 - Custom user fields with dropdown options are now searchable
  • AR-2447 - The username field on the self registration form and create user form is now hidden when the tenancy settings prevent username's being different to emails
  • AR-2439 - Accessibility improvements for profile icons, content duration, and feedback questions
  • AR-2435 - Improved the mobile responsiveness of Live Learning sessions
  • AR-2432 - Added an option on Feedback activities to send an email requesting feedback to users one day after they complete the Live Learning
  • AR-2429 - Added an option for custom completion certificates to include completion expiry dates
  • AR-2424 - Allow the creation of a site-wide forum - Requires Site-Wide Forum feature
  • AR-2419 - Added a different profile icon when impersonating another users account
  • AR-2391 - Added the ability to retrieve a direct link to all activities in Courses and Live Learnings
  • AR-2354 - Feedback forms can now be edited after responses have been made and the Feedback report has been renamed to the Form report in order to allow reporting on Live Learning session registration forms
  • AR-637 - Scheduled email registrants emails can now include attachments
  • AR-2514 - The supervisor Team Compliance Report widget now properly ignores users in the On Leave cohort

Bug Fixes

  • AR-2499 - Fixed an issue where users who requested registration for a session could become registered after the session was cancelled

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