This article provides an overview of the Onboarding feature.

If you require the Onboarding feature to be enabled for your Acorn instance, please contact the Pursuit Technology support team at 


What is Onboarding?

The Onboarding feature allows for users to login to Acorn and access a set of  restricted content to assist them in preparing for their new role. The completion record for the training is assigned to their user account, and will be visible in their training history once they are fully onboarded and granted a standard user account.


Onboarding Course

The Onboarding course is a unique course that is visible one the onboarding feature is enabled. All content that is required to be completed by the onboarding user must be included in this course. 

Once the onboarding feature is enabled, the course described above can be accessed by an administrator via the Admin menu.




After accessing the onboarding course, administrators have the ability to add sections and activities to the course. This is done the same way they can in any other course. To learn more about updating a course, please read the How to Update a Course article.


Onboarding Users

Onboarding User is a specific role in Acorn which becomes available once the feature has been enabled. Users who have been assigned this role can only access the content within the onboarding course via the onboarding view.




The Onboarding role can be assigned to a user in two ways. If the user already has an account within Acorn, you will need to use Method 1. If you are creating a new user account, use Method 2.


  • Method 1 
    • Click the 'Admin' menu and select 'User Management'. Click 'Assign Roles' from the secondary dropdown menu.
    • Click the Screen_Shot_2022-04-12_at_4.48.25_pm.pngicon inline with the Onboarding option. Select the user(s) you intent to assign the Onboarding role. Click 'Confirm'. 




  • Method 2 
    • Navigate to the 'Create a New User' page by clicking 'Admin' then 'User Management'. Select 'Create a New User' from the secondary dropdown menu. 
    • Input all of the required user information. 
    • In the 'Assign Role' field, select 'Onboarding'.




You have now created a new Onboarding user.

If you require any assistance with the Onboarding feature, please reach out the the Pursuit Technology Support team. 

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