Course Enrolment Course Enrolment

Course Enrolment

Mounika Vukkadam Mounika Vukkadam

Course Enrolment

Course enrolment allows you to enrol an individual user in a course.

Enrol user in course:

Enrols the user in the course
Request Method POST
Request URL {{{base_url}}/local/acorn_coursemanagement/index.php/api/1/enrolments/{{tenancy_id}}?username={{username}}&contentId={{contentId}}
Authorisation Header Bearer {api_key}


Request Body:

Parameter Data Type Details
username string required, the username of the user whose training history is being retrieved
contentId integer required, the contentId of the course


Example Response:

"status": "Complete"
"data": {
"success": true

Example Error Response:

"status": "Failed",
"errors": {
"username": "You must provide a valid username.",
"contentId": "You must provide a valid contentId."

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