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External Calendar

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External Calendar

The external calendar allows you to retrieve calendar events from within the LMS in order to display them on an external website or intranet. This includes all the details about the calendar event and includes links to access the content directly.


Get external calendar events:

Retrurns all events within the external calendar.
Request Method GET
Request URL {{base_url}}/local/acorn_profile/index.php/api/1/external_calendar/{{tenancy_id}}
Authorisation Header Bearer {api_key}


Query String Parameters:

Parameter Data Type Details
start date (YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ) optional, ISO 8601 date & time format, only sessions after this date will be shown (2021-12-25T01:30:00Z)
end date (YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ) optional, ISO 8601 date & time format, only sessions before this date will be shown (2018-03-12T19:00:00Z)
noCohortRestriction boolean optional, if true the cohort-restricted sessions and Live Learnings won't be included
stateFilters string

optional, filter the results by a single session venue state

Available Values ():

  • ACT
  • NSW
  • NT
  • QLD
  • SA
  • TAS
  • VIC


Example Response:

"status": "Complete",
"data": [
"type": "sessiondate",
"title": "First Aid Training Day 1",
"description": "This live learning covers all you need to know to provide basic first aid, and pass the certification exam.",
"allDay": false,
"cohortRestricted": false,
"start": "2021-12-03T00:00:00+00:00",
"end": "2021-12-03T01:00:00+00:00",
"location": "123 Fake St, City, Canberra, ACT",
"url": "http://davids-macbook-pro.local:8083/view_facetoface/2/event/6/session/7",
"imageurl": "http://davids-macbook-pro.local:8083/local/acorn_shared/resources/assets/customfile.php/1/facetoface_image/facetoface_image_2/0//helth.jpg"
"type": "sessiondate",
"title": "Induction Seminar",
"description": "Welcome to the organisation. In your first week, we want to give you all you need to get the best start at our organisation. This includes a seminar from our CEO, Jeffrey Williams, who covers the strategic vision and direction of the organisation.",
"allDay": false,
"cohortRestricted": false,
"start": "2021-07-03T06:00:00+00:00",
"end": "2021-07-03T08:00:00+00:00",
"location": "18421 Wattle St, Bendigo, VIC",
"url": "{baseurl}/view_facetoface/5/event/12/session/14",
"imageurl": "http://davids-macbook-pro.local:8083/local/acorn_shared/resources/assets/customfile.php/1/facetoface_image/facetoface_image_5/0//ASIC_Performance_Oct%20%281%29.jpg"

Example Error Response:

"status": "Failed",
"errors": {
"start": "Please provide a valid start date in ISO 8601 date & time format"

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