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Reporting Officer

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This article will guide Admin's through the process of creating a reporting officer.

A reporting officer is a designated user whose access allows them to generate reports. This access can be provided by tenancy administrators, or Acorn administrators at Pursuit Technology.

Acorn administrators can assign Reporting Officers who are users from other tenants! A user has to be swapped into the tenant where you want them to be assigned as a reporting officer.


Report Officers can generate new reports through the 'Reports' tab which is available once the user has been assigned that role.





Creating a Reporting Officer

1. Navigate to the 'Admin' panel and select 'Reporting'. Click 'Reporting Officers' in the secondary drop down menu.




2. Click 'Create Reporting Officer' and then select the user.


3. Select the cohort(s) that the reporting officer can report on.


4. Identify what content the reporting officer can generate reports for. Selecting "All" will allow the reporting officer to report on all content in the system. Alternatively, the content that can be reported on can be specified on the Reporting Officers page.


5. Identify the Reporting access that the reporting officer has. Selecting "All" will allow the reporting officer to run all report types. Selecting "Limited Reports" will restrict the reporting officer to running only specified report types.


6. Click 'Create Reporting Officer' at the bottom of the page to continue.





Managing Reportable Content

Use the steps below to manage the content (Courses and Live Learnings) that a reporting officer can report on. 


1. Click 'Manage Reportable Content' on the Reporting Officers page. 


2. Select the Course(s) and/or Live Learning(s) that the reporting officer can report on and hit 'Confirm'.





Updating or Deleting a Reporting Officer

To update the permissions for a reporting officer, navigate to the Reporting Officers page and select the Screen_Shot_2022-05-16_at_12.36.49_pm.png icon. Updating the reporting officer will allow you to change the cohorts, content and report types.


To delete a reporting officer, select the Screen_Shot_2022-05-02_at_2.15.11_pm.png icon. You will be prompted to confirm this action.

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