"How Do I Hide Content?" "How Do I Hide Content?"

"How Do I Hide Content?"

Stefan Maletic Stefan Maletic

If you are seeking to hide content from your Tenancy, and would like it to only be accessible for the people already enrolled in the course/ program, please continue reading this article.

1. From your Tenancy Homepage, navigate to 'Catalogue'.

2. From here you can find the course you would like to hide, you can do this by searching it in the search-bar scrolling through all courses. Click on the course > 'Go To Course'.

3. From the course page, click on the Cog icon. Then click 'Update Course'.


4. Now, if you scroll down about half way, you will see the toggle labelled 'Hidden'. Click this toggle.

5. You can now scroll all the way down and 'Update Course'.


You have successfully hidden a course! If you would like to know what hiding a course does and how it differs from 'Deactivating' a course, please click here.

The same steps apply to hiding all types of content from from the 'Catalogue' Page

If you would like to unhide the course/ content in the future, simply follow the same steps and flip the toggle off. 


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