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Workflows is a feature that Pursuit Technology can switch on for any tenancy. The feature mainly allows for due date and refresher workflows to be configured and attached to courses by Administrators, but also allows for supervision of user registrations to attend Live Learning sessions. The purpose of these workflows depends on the type, but generally they are used to ensure users have completed the necessary content to remain compliant with their organisation's policies.

Workflow Types
Due Date Workflow The due date workflow is a type of workflow that allow...
Josh Lavulo-Hodges Josh Lavulo-Hodges
Create a Workflow
This guide will teach Admin users how to create a Workflow. If you want ...
Cormac O'Dwyer Cormac O'Dwyer
Edit and Manage a Workflow
This guide will teach Admin users how to edit a Workflow. If you would l...
Cormac O'Dwyer Cormac O'Dwyer
Add a Workflow to a Course
This guide will teach Admins how to add a Workflow to a Course. If you w...
Cormac O'Dwyer Cormac O'Dwyer